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Best Shirdi Tours

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saibaba    SHIRDI is a Spiritual place, also known as Shirdi Nagar which is Situated in Rahata Tahasil, Ahmed nagar District under the state of Maharashtra. It is the most respected and visited pilgrimage centre across India. This is a sacred destination for many devotees, not only for Hindus but also for all religious people. Shridi has become a prominent place of Faith, peace and Worship for the entire world.

History Of Shri Sai Baba
   Shri Sai baba is believed to be a human incarnation of God. He was an Indian spiritual guru who preached lot of good things in life and served the mankind for 60 long years. The surprising factor of Saibaba is, his birth date and place are still unknown. The universal slogan of Shri Sai baba was 'Shraddha - Saburi' which clearly states the need for faith and patience in human life. His entire life became exemplary in many ways, the place of his tomb got the significance for millions of devotees who could sense the peace of mind, courage, happiness, humanity etc. He always insisted the humans to be compassionate, content, humble and helpful to each other. By all his philosophies and teachings he tried to merge Hinduism and Islam which went in Vain. Till his last breath this popular sage dedicated his life, belongings to the poor and suffering people which was a remarkable achievement.

About Temple
   Shri Sai Baba temple was built upon his tomb and the place became consecrated to proliferate the belief and services of sai baba for the subsequent generation. Baba lived in a Mosque called Dwarkamai and after his demise the body was deitified in the temple. He was completed regarded with great sense of reverence by his followers for religious harmony. In the temple, special Poojas are being offered and conducted from 04.00am to 11.00pm on a regular basis to get the prosperity, fun ,good health etc for devotees. After his death the place became a pilgrimage ,his memorial was also built using the marble. The visiting time of shirdi temple is from kakad aarti to shej aarti.

Sai Saranam the Facilitator
   The important aspect of visiting and worshiping the shrine is to be happy with all prosperity in life.To reach godliness; you need to reach Shirdi saibaba. To reach shirdi you need to reach Sai saranam. We facilitate the passengers/devotees by all means to reach the destination with great comfort. The ecstasy and euphoria will get started while choosing Saisaranam, since the perks and previleges which are being provided here cannot be matched with any of the other travel agencies. The accommodation facilities will be done in 3 star hotels with basic amenities, proper guide, food, safety, monitoring mechanism for children, Transportation(through flight and Train).The experience will enhance the people to visit the shrine through Sai saranam. The double delight is waiting for the devotees by opting Shirdi tour with Sai Saranam.